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Maidstone SwimRelay will take place at Maidstone Leisure Centre, Mote Park, Maidstone on Sunday 25th November 2018. There is ample free parking for up to three hours and free thereafter providing you book in the car’s registration on the screens inside the Centre. We advise that you register at the reception parking screens to be on the safe side. 

All people attending the event, whether swimmer or spectator will abide by the normal operating procedures and rules prescribed by the Leisure Centre Management. 


Acceptance to take part will be on a first come first served basis. Entry will only be accepted by completion of the Team Registration Form and submitted via the Maidstone SwimRelay website. There must be a minimum of 4 persons per team and 6 maximum.

Entries will close very soon and each team will be notified of their start time soon after.


There is no entry fee and no minimum amount of sponsorship, however we hope that each team will raise as much money for the charities as possible. 50% of the money raised must be donated to Children in Need and 50% to a charity of the teams’ choice.

It is the responsibility of each team to raise funds by whatever means suits them.

This can be by using an online donation website or by physically collecting money and recording it on a sponsorship form.

 Online Donations:

Each team can, if they wish, set up their own donation website such as Just Giving, Virgin Money Giving or BT MyDonate, the choice is that of the team. However, unless they decide to donate all the money raised to Children in Need, it will be necessary to also specify clearly the name of their own charity so that donors are aware of who they are supporting. 

Sponsorship Form Collections:

A Sponsorship Form is available on the Maidstone SwimRelay website to download if teams wish to use this method.

Sponsorship Return Form:

When the team has collected all of the sponsorship money a Sponsorship Return Form must be completed and emailed to the Event Organiser.

All teams must pay their total amounts collected to Children in Need 50% and to their own chosen charity 50%. No money is to be sent to Maidstone Riverside Rotary Club.

This is a charity event so we are sure that we can rely on honest returns from teams.


Each team will be allocated a session time a few weeks before the event. They must check in at the admin desk no later than 20 minutes before their wave time and must be at poolside in their lane no later than 5 mins before the start of the wave.

A starter will signal the commencement and completion of the 30 mins. Only one swimmer will be allowed to swim at a time in the lane. The swimmer will hand over to another swimmer normally after 2 lengths. However, providing only one person is swimming at a time in that lane, each swimmer can do as many or as few lengths as they wish.

The total number of lengths completed by each team will be counted and recorded by pool side recorders.


Commemorative medals will be awarded to all swimmers and there will be a few prizes including the most lengths swum by a team and most sponsorship raised. Please send a separate Return Form for each team.

Child and Vulnerable People Policy

The needs and rights of the child, the elderly, the vulnerable and those with disability take priority. It is the duty of every Rotarian to safeguard to the best of their ability, the welfare of and prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse and neglect of all children, the elderly, persons with disability or otherwise vulnerable persons with whom they come into contact during their Rotarian duties.

Photography and Filming Policy

The above policy will apply to this event and in particular the taking of photographs and films.

Media professionals will take photographs and video footage of the event and its participants for use to publicise and promote future events. It is essential that team captain or organiser sign the agreement and note any disagreement on the Media Permission Form.

Team Captains must present the completed form at Check-In on the day of the event before taking part in the swim.

Team Photo

If you would like a professional photo of your team (s) then please book at the Check-in. We ask for a charity donation of £5 for this. The photographer's assistant will arrange the photo with your medals after your session.  

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